Building your Brand

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BrandyouMy good friend Scarlett Vespa is a personal Brand Expert.  She is running a workshop in Sydney on the 8th august 2014.

Scarlett and her expert team offer a package for those who need to create a brand to launch their business.

The one day workshop includes: personal branding and media training, styling, professional hair & make up, a video and photo shoot, social media training and the creation of a website outlining your business. The workshop also includes an overnight stay at The Pullman Hotel Sydney.

The event includes an address by well known keynote speaker Sam Cawthorn.

I will be a guest speaker for the evening.

If you are interested, here is the link to the details.


A Feng Shui interview with ABC TV

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Mina&TraceyKirklandMina was interviewed by ABC TV about the Property developments in Australia for Chinese investors. In the program, she talked about the feng shui input for the architectural design to meet the Asian market.

The picture is Mina and ABC reporter Tracey Kirkland.

Here is the link for the show:

My trip to China — 韶山 (Shao Shan)

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Mao's birthplaceDuring this trip, a special event has brought me to 湖南 Hu Nan Province. 长沙 Chang Sha is the capital of the province. When we were their, we organised a trip to 韶山 (Shao Shan). Shao Shan is the birth place of Chairman Mao (Mao Zhe Dong), the founder of People’s Republic of China. Because of him, Shao Shan has become one of the famours attractions in Fu Nan Province.

I was curious to find out the feng shui of Chairman Mao’s birth place. It was about one and a half hour drive from Chang Sha. During the journey, I observed the environment very closely, and found some interesting facts.

1. From the map, the shape of 韶山 is a mirror image of the shape of China.

2. Chairman Mao ‘s birthplace is at 韶源 (Shao Yuan). The location of Shao Yuan from Shao Shan map is identical to the position of BeiJing on China map. (mirror image)

3. Shao Shan is supported by one of the 72 mountains – Shao Feng.

4. Shao Shan is nourished by the famous river-xiang jian.

5. Chairman Mao’s childhood home is sitting south, facing north. There are two ponds in front of the house. The bigger pond was the one where Chairman Mao learned swimming. The smaller pond was used to water the crops.

6. The house is located at a armchair position, three directions have mountains, with water in the front.

Mao's-MinaWe  also visited 滴水洞 (di shui dong). The ‘water drop cave’. Mao called it West Cave. It is located at the west of Shao Shan. Surrounded by peaks and forests. It has a pleasant climate. Mao wished he could reside there after retirement.

The cave is not a cave. It was a secret building which was built in 1950s for Chairman Mao and important people’s meeting and retreat.

The building was built for safety and convenience. I studied the layout, the feng shui wasn’t good. The original door was facing the mountain, Chairman Mao was very knowledgeable in I Ching and feng shui. After his visit, the door was moved to face an open space. I studied the layout, the feng shui wasn’t good. Chairman Mao only stayed there for ten days of his whole life.


My trip to China — Wisdom from my father

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Minas-DadPast two weeks I was in China, and only got home this morning. I visit China every year  for two reasons: first to spend some time with my parents and family; second to do feng shui study and research.

As always, my home town is my first destination.  My parents live in Fu Jian province. I stayed at my parents house for a few days, on top of loving, caring, eating, there  is also the wisdom from my father.

My father is 81. He started to practice Tai Chi and Chinese Gong Fu from 11 years old, for 70 years, and has never stopped. He is one of the grand masters of Tai Chi in China. He is also an author and good at writing traditional Chinese poetries.

During this trip, he wrote a poem for me to teach me how to meditate at night time.

It said:

fathers-wisdomAt the silent night, everything is quiet, throw away all the worries;

Move energy to guard your core (Dong Tian), close your seven exits;

Breath gentlly, tongue forms a bridge;

feel body as light as a bird floating on top of cloud.

The picture is him, and his hand writing.

Information For People Born in Particular Years

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GuanYinBuddha2014 is a wood horse year, this year the fire element is extremely strong, many negative incidents have happened in the world, like the Malaysia missing airplane, Korean sinking of a passenger ship… each incident took many lives.

Sometimes an accident can be avoided if we know the information from our Ba Zi.  Ba Zi is Chinese astrology, it’s derived from our birth year, month, day and hour. There is a terminology in Ba Zi called: 岁运并临 (Sui Yun Bing Lin), which means the person’s luck pillar meets the year. For example, this year is 甲午 (wood horse year), and the person’s current luck pillar is also ‘wood horse’ . Ancient masters said when this happens, it predicts danger.

To cut the long theory short, I made a list for people who have this symbol in their destiny. Hope everyone can be more careful, and to have a safe and healthy year ahead.

For Male:

Birth Year Birth Sign Birth Days (solar Calendar) 
1940 Metal Dragon 26 Oct – 28 Nov
1942 Water Horse 12 Jan to 4th Feb
1950 Metal Tiger 25th Nov to 28 Dec
1951 Metal Rabbit 14th Dec to 15th Jan 1952
1960 Metal Rat 24th Dec 1960 to 26 Jan 1961
1961 Metal Ox 14th Nov to 17th Dec
1971 Metal Dog 23rd Jan to 4th Feb
1971 Metal Pig 16th Oct to 18th Oct
1981 Metal Rooster 15th Sep to 18th Oct
1991 Metal Sheep 15th Aug to 18th Sep
2001 Metal Snake 15th Jul to 18th Aug
2006 Fire Dog 11th May to 14th Jun
2011 Metal Rabbit 14th Jun to 18th Jul

For Female:

Birth Year Birth Sign Birth Day (solar Calendar)
1945 Wood Rooster 10th Nov to 12th Dec
1946 Fire Dog 29 Dec 1946 to 30 Jan 1947
1955 Wood sheep 10th Dec 1955 to 11th Jan 1956
1956 Fire Monkey 29th Nov to 31 Dec
1966 Wood Snake 8th Jan to 4th Feb
1976 Fire Earth 30th Sep to 2nd Nov
1986 Fire Tiger 30th Aug to 3rd Oct
1991 Metal Sheep 25th March to 27th April
1996 Fire Rat 29th Jul to 1st Sep
2001 Metal Snake 24th April to 28th May
2006 Fire Dog 28th Jun to 1st Aug


Feng Shui and Learning Music

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violinThis topic seems strange. Feng Shui and learning music sound like different things.

Feng shui is ancient Chinese art. Good feng shui means good Qi flow. If a place has good Qi flow, the residents are happy and full of positive energy. Music can change the environment. It adds life to the space.  Therefore, music can change the energy flow of a space.

Playing instrument can change the Qi flow for our body. I have tested it out myself.

I never learned to play any instruments before. Most people in my generation in China had no chance to learn music. It has been a pity, we are ‘music blind’.

Recently, my son inspired me to play the violin.   To encourage my son to play violin, I picked up a violin to join in. My son taught me the first two lessons, and I fell in love with learning violin. I enjoy having the experience to let my fingers run wild on the keys of the violin and to relax my arm as it swings back and forth.

As I play music ,the more better I get the more enjoyment I have. My husband and son both think I’m amazing at the violin, it makes confidence run through my body. I can’t help but to always have a musical piece in my mind, which I sing to myself all the time.

In my spare time when I’m not working I always try to fit in some violin practice time.I’m sure if you played an instrument of some sort and,were good at it I’m sure that you will want to enjoy every single moment of time you spend on playing it.

Playing violin has moved my mined away from work and tension. It is a good way to relax, and it is a good feng shui to clear your mind. Learning an instrument is rewarding, you can hear the result instantly. It depends on your dedication. I think it would be great Feng Shui if everyone on the planet  played an instrument.

Comments for my feng shui blog

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I received emails asked about why comments for the posts are not seen on the blog.

Here is why: due to the very high volume of the non human users (e.g. programs) blasted the comments sector of my blog, we had to put a spam cleaner to block the spam. It also blocked the genuine comments.

Feng Shui and Camping

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campingThis post is about Feng Shui and Camping. I’m camping now, hence this post. The fact is I’ve rarely had experience with camping. I camped once twenty years ago, and thought it was terrible.

Here is my camping story: Every year in mid April  is the school holidays in NSW and the Easter Holiday in Western countries. Most family have plans for their kids. This year our plan for holiday is different to previous years.

The main difference is that we have adopted a dog recently. The dog’s name is Bella, six years old, mid size, she is a German Shepard and Fox Terrier Cross. She has quickly become part of our family, and now features in holiday planning.

Taking advice from friends, we decided to take a road trip with whole family to the South Coast NSW and camp in one of the caravan parks. To avoid the Easter holiday traffic jam, we drove down to the South Coast on Tuesday.

Camping has not been my choice in the past, however, this is a year of change for me, and I am willing for it. We drove five hours from Sydney to Batemans Bay, stayed at a beach house for a night, and on the second day we moved to the River Breeze Caravan Park at Moruya.

We got a camping site at the water front, it is a corner block.  I observed the environment, the site has a good aspect and bad aspects from a feng shui perspective. The site is at a T junction. A road points to the site from North, water is in the South and SW. The West side is a boat access, the East side is a small unit, with owners living there.

Camping is a nature activitiy, in the camp, we are more close to the earth, it is good. In particular, camp in a peaceful surrounding, on the side of the mountain and water and away from the city noise it  has  very good feng shui to start with.

Feng shui for camping is not much different to feng shui for houses.The difference is that camping is for the short term and a house is for the longer term. Therefore the feng shui concern is less for camping. The main thing is to orientate the camp to face water, to avoid facing south directory, because the Grand Duke is in the South and Three Killings are in the North in the current year. Sitting on the Three Killings, and Confronting the Grand Duke is the first thing to avoid. Therefore, I arranged the tent to face SW. To create a protection from the North T junction, we parked our car in between the road and our camp. We have beautiful water view from the entry and inside the tent. Bella sleeps in the porch of the tent. With the good feng shui set up, we are all happy.

This is one of the most characteristic and interesting holidays we have ever had.

Gold Coast Chinatown

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Goldcoast-ChinatownRecently, I was engaged by Gold Coast city council for feng shui consultations for the Gold Coast Chinatown development.

This is the second time I have been involved in China town developments in Australia. The previous one was the Sydney Chinatown upgrade

My tasks were to consider the elements that a China town should have, to enhance the good feng shui for the streets, and to input some  Chinese culture and traditional beliefs into the new China town in Gold Coast.

I believe that the Gold Coast China town will bring prosperity and vitality to this coastal city. It will add a sense of home and community to both permanent residents and international visitors.

I Ching Prediction for the Missing Airplane MH370

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MH370Recently, the news of the Malaysia missing air plane has caught the attention and concern of the world.  It was the passenger flight Boeing 777 Flight MH370 from KL to Beijing on 8/3/2014 . There were 239 people on board including the 12 crew members. The flight went missing mysteriously about one hour after taking off. More than 26 countries have joined the search, twelve days later, still no result.

I believe many feng shui masters around the world have done predictions for this event. I am sharing this I Ching prediction with you.

I Ching (Zhou Yi Yu Ce周易预测) is one of the main Chinese oracles to predict events, it has a five thousand year history. However the method is highly technical, and the interpretation is difficult.

On March 11th, 8:30pm, we used Liu Yao online (六爻)system, with a few fans anticipated,  we used 周易time and number methods to create the hexagrams.

The elements for 11/03/2014 were: year-甲午 (wood horse), month-丁卯(fire rabbit), day-辛巳 (metal, snake), hour-戊戌 (earth dog) 日空 Void(申monkey, 酉rooster)

The basic hexigram:  震宫(Thunder House): 水风井   (Water above tree -Well)

The outcome hexigram: 坎宫(Water House): 坎 (water above water – Ocean )

Six Deities     Hidden Deities    Original Gua                                       Changed Gua

Snake                                               Parents Rat Water  _ _                        Parents Rat Water      _ _

Warm                                                Money Dog Earth __                          Money Dog Earth      __

Bird           Children Horse Fire   Ghosts Monkey Metal _ _                Ghosts Monkey Metal _ _

Dragon                                             Ghosts Rooster Metal __   O            Children Horse Fire  _ _

Turtle   Brother 庚寅Tiger Wood Parents Pig Water  __                      Money Dragon Earth __

Tiger                                                    Money Ox Earth _ _                         Brothers Tiger Wood _ _


Analysis: The original Gua is Water above the tree, inauspicious, The outcome (changed Gua) is Big Water, total clash Gua, very inauspicious.

From the basic Gua, The moving line indicated the Ghosts. Ghosts represent bad people (like terrorists), the deity dragon represents huge snake, which has landed on the ghosts line. It means that bad people took action and hijacked the airplane. The moving line transformed to fire, the Horse Fire also is the Grand Duke of the year. Fire burned the metal, and caused an enormous explosion. The airplane disintegrated, and fell into the vast ocean.

The hexigram also indicates the motive of the bad people  related to their own interests or money. The hexigram also indicated some explosive objects inside the airplane.

From the hexigram the line 3 and line 4 represent human, they both occupied by ghosts, meaning no people alive.

The hexigram also indicates some time frames: 12 days have passed. Next time will be between 6/12/2016 to 5/1/2017. The time after that will be the 2nd half of the year in 2020.

However, no result is known. This is just a prediction, it could be wrong. We join the rest of the world in sending our prayers and best wishes to those on the flight and their families.