Gold Coast Chinatown

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Goldcoast-ChinatownRecently, I was engaged by Gold Coast city council for feng shui consultations for the Gold Coast Chinatown development.

This is the second time I have been involved in China town developments in Australia. The previous one was the Sydney Chinatown upgrade

My tasks were to consider the elements that a China town should have, to enhance the good feng shui for the streets, and to input some  Chinese culture and traditional beliefs into the new China town in Gold Coast.

I believe that the Gold Coast China town will bring prosperity and vitality to this coastal city. It will add a sense of home and community to both permanent residents and international visitors.

I Ching Prediction for the Missing Airplane MH370

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MH370Recently, the news of the Malaysia missing air plane has caught the attention and concern of the world.  It was the passenger flight Boeing 777 Flight MH370 from KL to Beijing on 8/3/2014 . There were 239 people on board including the 12 crew members. The flight went missing mysteriously about one hour after taking off. More than 26 countries have joined the search, twelve days later, still no result.

I believe many feng shui masters around the world have done predictions for this event. I am sharing this I Ching prediction with you.

I Ching (Zhou Yi Yu Ce周易预测) is one of the main Chinese oracles to predict events, it has a five thousand year history. However the method is highly technical, and the interpretation is difficult.

On March 11th, 8:30pm, we used Liu Yao online (六爻)system, with a few fans anticipated,  we used 周易time and number methods to create the hexagrams.

The elements for 11/03/2014 were: year-甲午 (wood horse), month-丁卯(fire rabbit), day-辛巳 (metal, snake), hour-戊戌 (earth dog) 日空 Void(申monkey, 酉rooster)

The basic hexigram:  震宫(Thunder House): 水风井   (Water above tree -Well)

The outcome hexigram: 坎宫(Water House): 坎 (water above water – Ocean )

Six Deities     Hidden Deities    Original Gua                                       Changed Gua

Snake                                               Parents Rat Water  _ _                        Parents Rat Water      _ _

Warm                                                Money Dog Earth __                          Money Dog Earth      __

Bird           Children Horse Fire   Ghosts Monkey Metal _ _                Ghosts Monkey Metal _ _

Dragon                                             Ghosts Rooster Metal __   O            Children Horse Fire  _ _

Turtle   Brother 庚寅Tiger Wood Parents Pig Water  __                      Money Dragon Earth __

Tiger                                                    Money Ox Earth _ _                         Brothers Tiger Wood _ _


Analysis: The original Gua is Water above the tree, inauspicious, The outcome (changed Gua) is Big Water, total clash Gua, very inauspicious.

From the basic Gua, The moving line indicated the Ghosts. Ghosts represent bad people (like terrorists), the deity dragon represents huge snake, which has landed on the ghosts line. It means that bad people took action and hijacked the airplane. The moving line transformed to fire, the Horse Fire also is the Grand Duke of the year. Fire burned the metal, and caused an enormous explosion. The airplane disintegrated, and fell into the vast ocean.

The hexigram also indicates the motive of the bad people  related to their own interests or money. The hexigram also indicated some explosive objects inside the airplane.

From the hexigram the line 3 and line 4 represent human, they both occupied by ghosts, meaning no people alive.

The hexigram also indicates some time frames: 12 days have passed. Next time will be between 6/12/2016 to 5/1/2017. The time after that will be the 2nd half of the year in 2020.

However, no result is known. This is just a prediction, it could be wrong. We join the rest of the world in sending our prayers and best wishes to those on the flight and their families.






Feng Shui for Corporate Events

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Mina-corporate-event-1Recently, I have been engaged by St George Bank to do feng shui speeches for corporate events, to celebrate Chinese New Year. Speaking to a few hundred people is not something I do everyday. But to speak about something I know so well is not hard, and I could talk all day.

The difficult part was to present such a big topic within ten minutes. What should I say? I gave it some thought and chose to talk on three areas: A brief introduction about the Wood Horse year, and the investment luck for different signs; The Flying Stars for 2014, good areas for investment; Feng Shui tips for buying a house. Before and after the speech, I sat there for one to one consultations.

The events went very well. Everyone loved it.

The picture is from one of the events at the Darling Harbour Chinese Garden.

2014 Wood Horse Year Magic Days

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lanterns-2014This is the Wood Horse Year. Some people asked me why it is Wood Horse year and what does it mean? This  refers to the Chinese Traditional Calendar. The Traditional Calendar is also called Xia Li or Nong Li (Xia Calendar or Farmer’s Calendar).

The Traditional calendar used ten Heavenly Stems and twelve Earthly Branches to record time. The Ten Heavenly Stems consisted of Five Basic Elements. These elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element has two characters, each represents the nature of yin or yang. The twelve earthly branches are made of the twelve animal signs. Following the law of yin and yang, the ten heavenly stems and the twelve earthly branches formed sixty pairs. Each pair represents one year. 2014 is the Wood Horse year. The year will repeat in 60 years time.

This year the main elements are wood and fire. When the wood meets fire it produces more fire. Therefore, 2014 is a strong fire year. The fire year is very special. It has lot of surprises and magic days:

The Four surprises: Two springs (两个立春Li Chung). The first one is on the 4th Feb 2014, the second one is on the 4th Feb 2015. The Chinese New Year for 2015 is on the 18th Feb 2015. Based on the traditional Chinese culture, this year is very favourable for marriage;

Leap September, this is only leap September in this century, the next one will be in 2109;

The Chinese Lantern Festival is on the same day as the Western Valentines Day on the 14 Feb 2014. The Lantern Festival (圆宵节) is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. It is the full moon day, and symbolises harmony, fulfillment and positive beginnings. It is a great day to celebrate love. These two days will meet again in 2033.

The horse year will have 384 days, 29 days more than the previous year.

2014 the horse year has five Magic Fridays: Friday on 4/4/2014 , Friday on 6/6/2014, Friday on 8/8/2014, Friday on 10/10/2014; Friday on 12/12/2014. These days are good for some major events.


Happy Chinese New Year 马年快乐!

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Horse YearToday is the first day of the first lunar month of 2014. It is Chinese New Year’s Day.

2014 is the Horse year, this year brings strong fire element. It symbolises strong and powerful energy and success.

Wish your year is full of sunshine and joy.

Hope you have great health, wealth and achieve your dreams.


My holiday in Cairns, Australia

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cairns-pool As a Chinese Feng Shui Consultant, I have always been very busy with work at the end and the beginning of the year. I don’t remember ever taking a proper holiday in the holiday season in past ten years. However, this year I decided to take a holiday when most people are having holidays, no matter what.

My holiday destination was Cairns. Cairns is in North Queensland, Australia. It has tropical weather, hot throughout the year. The heat of the city attracts me, I have been there a few times in the past two decades. This time things were different. I wasn’t travelling alone, my son and husband were with me.

We arrived Cairns on New Year’s Day. Picked up a rental car, we drove to one of my investment apartments in Cairns. We felt home when we were there. It was a lot hotter then Sydney, as expected.

It has been a great holiday. We spent some time at the local beaches, visited the Cairns city centre, night markets, Port Douglas, Green Island and the rainforest at the Atherton Tableland.

The city of Cairns is situated on a harbour with mountains behind and water in front. The colourful, vibrant city centre and a huge public swimming pool with art decorations along the harbour  foreshore make the city a beautiful holiday resort.

My highlights of the trip were visits to Port Douglas and  the Atherton Tableland.

Port Douglas was one of the famous ports in Australia. It’s about  a one hour drive from Cairns.  Port Douglas is surrounded by white sand beaches. It has a beautiful shopping arcade, bars, restaurants and streets. It has been a hot spot for some of the hollywood movie stars. However, the beauty of Port Douglas is not too much different to the beaches I have seen in NSW. The difference is there is a family friend who lives there.

We visited her. She has been living in Port Douglas for fifteen years.  My husband told she was as an extremely beautiful lady, who has also been important to his family. I was longing to meet her. We met her at the beach. She is in mid sixties, still attractive. After a long conversation, I told her what my husband said about her. She was modest, and told me that to be beautiful is not enough, you need to have something inside to back it up. She is an artist, and well known in Port Douglas. Looking at her art works, and knowing all the years she spent on painting, I have no doubt of her backup.

cairns-waterfallVisiting the Atherton Tableland made a very different impression to Cairns. The Atherton Tableland is about a one and  a half hour drive from Cairns. The tablelands are around 700 metres above sea level. Many people think Cairns is a place to get to the Great Barrier Reef. It is. However Cairn is not only a gateway to the reef, colourful fish, corals and the sea, it also has rainforests and beautiful lakes.

We first stopped at the Atheton town centre a have a break and a look around. After that, we visited Malanda Water fall. It was a small water fall with a lovely pond under it, nothing magnificent or breathtaking. However I was astonished when I saw Lake Eacham. It was a large lake in the heart of the table land, surrounded by the rainforest. The lake was very calm with the colour of jade. The water was clear, I could see fat fish and turtles swimming happily in the water. There were also people swimming in the lake. The lake is a blessing for people who live or visit there.

cairns-lakeCairns is very special. The city has good feng shui. There is more to discover. However this post concludes my holiday to Cairns.


Happy New Year

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firework-2014Today is the first day of January 2014. It is also the first day of the last month of 2013 on the Chinese Lunar calendar. The double 1st marks a symbol of new beginnings, new energy and new journeys.

It is a great day to start something new . The Open Direction of the day is NE, the Wealth Direction of the day is South, the Nobleman Direction of the day is SW. You can activate these directions in your home or go to these directions to obtain good luck.

My family and I flew to Cairns this morning, which is the NE direction from Sydney. I am sitting in our holiday apartment in Cairns while writing this post. Everything is going very well.

Hope you have a great day, and a happy new year!

Celebrate Christmas

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ChristmasGreetingMy son always reminds me about Christmas. It is interesting to see how excited he is and how much he looks forward to the Christmas celebration. When he was six years old, he directed me to a shop to buy a Christmas tree. Since becoming a mother, I have learned that Christmas is not only a holiday festival, but also a great family celebration!

I was born and brought up in China. When I was young, there were no Christmas celebration in China. We had a little celebration for the new year, instead we geared up for the big celebration for the traditional Chinese New Year. Even now in China, Christmas is not a big thing. Only big department stores in big cities put up Christmas trees to promote Christmas sales.

Different countries has different culture. Having been  in Australia for so many years, I really love Christmas now.

Christmas is a time to take a good break, it is a time for family, kids, friends and yourself. It is a time to clear your mind from stress. Christmas is not only for children, it is for everyone.

Wish you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hope to see you happier and healthier in the New Year.

Qantas new uniform

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qantas-uniformRecently, Qantas’s new uniform is all over the media. It is good to see it during my Melbourne trip this weekend.

I haven’t travelled for a few months. Mainly because I needed to be in Sydney to finish some work.  There were two reasons for me to go to Melbourne this weekend.  One is to see some of my clients, the other is to see my step son’s movie screening. It has been a wonderful trip.

I’m  at the Qantas Club in Melbourne airport , and have some time to write this post.

During this trip, I noticed the Qantas staff are wearing the new uniforms. After using the previous uniform for ten years, Qantas had finally changed to a new one. I would say that the new uniform has certainly given passengers fresh images.

The uniform is designed by Martin Grant. The main colour is black, with red and pink strips diagonally cross the front top. The designer got the idea from Qanta’s logo – The Flying Kangaroo. The uniform is well designed and tugs the body more. It added a lot of charm to the staff.

From a feng shui perspective, aviation belongs to the fire element, red is good for the business. The new uniform has adopted the red triangular shape from the Qantas logo. The red and pink colours are very bright, balanced by black. The triangle shape of the red pattern matches the Flying Kangaroo, showing dynamic moving energy. You don’t need to have a perfect figure to wear black. This makes it easier for the work force.

For male workers, I noticed the main difference is the tie. The corporate ties have the red triangles on them. This matches the concept of the flying kangaroo.

I believe the new uniform will bring positive energy to Qantas.

Getting a New Car

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LexusOne of the main purposes of feng shui is to gain financial freedom. However, this financial freedom does not come from just applying feng shui to living and working spaces. We have still need to work hard for it.

Long ago I learned that investing in property can make good capital gain, and investing in cars makes capital loss. Therefore, I have worked hard and invested in properties. I hang on to one car as long as I can.

My patience with a car is about eight years. I have bought three new cars in my life, each car served me for about eight years. The last one has finally met its date, I picked up a new car today.

Europe and Japan make good cars. From China, Europe is in the NW, Japan is  NE of China. NW represents big metal element, NE represents earth element. Car element is big metal. Both metal and earth elements strengthen the metal energy. Therefore, the most cars are from NW or NE of China.

My previous car was European, it is time for a change. This time I have picked up a Japanese car, I hope I will love it for another 8 years.