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2011 Forecast and Feng Shui tips

Metal Rabbit From 4th February 2011 to 3rd February 2012

1. The annual flying star and li chung Ba Zi:

The annual feng shui analysis and forecast are based on the annual star chart, period chart and the Li Chung Ba Zi (the elements of the grand duke Metal Rabbit).

The star pattern of 2011:

2011 star chart

The earth is turning constantly, one year has past, the new year is arriving. The flying star of 2011 has reformed to a new pattern, and it is different to the previous year.

Year 2011 is a metal rabbit year, from the 4th February 2011 to 3rd February 2012. The Grand Duke Jupiter (god of the year) is the Rabbit, and its direction is East. (From 82.5 to 97.5 degree on the compass.)

The four pillars of Li Chung (spring festival), also called Li Chung Ba Zi:

2011 Ba Zi

The five elements in the chart are unbalanced, the domineering element is wood, then metal, then earth, with water and fire elements missing. Based on the theory of five elements birth and destructive cycle, metal cutting wood, wood conquers the earth. The element combination is similar to 2010. This indicate that 2011 is another year of conflict and disharmony.

The difference is that 2011 is a rabbit year, it is yin element, it is a yin year. Tiger year was a yang year. Yang is possitive, everything appears, we can see what is going to happen. Yin is negative, things are hidden, people can be attacked by hidden dangers.

2. General Global Outlook

According to the positions of the nine flying stars, the Chinese economy will be stable. This year China will focus on domestic growth more than international. Japanese and South Korean economies will have a better year. However, they will need to watch out flood or earthquake. Australia will have a possitive year. Thailand and Indonesia will attract more tourists, and it is good for their economies. however, the tourists will need to watch out for violence and troubles. Africa, South America, Pakistan, Indian need to watch out for conflicts, their economies will pick up. Some new diseases may arise.

3. Australian Economy

Australia is the biggest country in the southern hemisphere. The 2011 forecast looks positive. It will play an important part in global economy. Northern territory, South Australian, and Victoria will be better with their economies. Western Australian mining industry will continue improving. However, there will be argument and conflicts. Queensland, and part of NEW and VIC will recover from flood disasters and back on to their ground. NSW in 2011 will have more good and bad things. This year, there will be more news about women. There will be more female celebrities. Central Australia may have more violence this year.

Due to the conflict between the metal and wood elements, there will be troubles relating to the government.

2011, the lucky elements are metal, fire and earth, therefore, the industries related to these elements will have a better year ahead.

Finance, banking industries will have a good year. Other metal and fire element related industries are: chemistry, restaurants, electronics, telecommunication, computer, high tech industries and jewelry etc.

The unlucky elements of the year are wood and water, the industry relating to these elements will have a bad year ahead. such as: education, clothing, medical, textile, furniture, transportation, water, travel, etc.

The stocks relate to fire, metal and earth element will increase, those relating to wood and water element will decrease.

Property belongs to the earth element, earth is one of the lucky elements of the year, therefore property prices will increase. The demand for property remains strong. The market favours on the middle price housing.In NSW, some big mansions will achieve high prices.

4. Health

In year 2011, the black star 2 falls into the South, this star represents illness, and it will bring health problem to this sector. In the Ba Gua, south relates to young woman, and middle daughter of the family. As such, the young women should be more careful with their health./p>

With the earth element missing in the Li Chung chart, this will results the general health problem relates to stomach,digest system and cancer.

5. Feng Shui tips for 2011:

The lucky directions in 2011 are: north west, north east, south east, and south west. Very unlucky direction is east. The less unlucky directions are: south, north, west and centre.

The enhancements and remedies for residential and commercial properties according to the yearly flying star:

Problem areas:

1. In the year 2011, Five Yellow is flying into the East grid, according to the ancient Chinese feng shui text book. Five Yellow is one of the most unlucky stars, and brings great misfortune and sickness. The Grand Duke of the year is also in the east, therefore, the east section of the house/office has negative energy. People should avoid working, sleeping in this sector at all cost. This sector should be kept neat and it is only good for storage. To combat this bad energy, put six ancient Chinese coins on east wall. Avoid any red coloured objects in this area and a pot of live bamboos to help decrease the bad energy. Keep this area quiet, don't watch TV in this area. Avoid any earth breaking or construction in East of your property.disturbing Tai Shui will cause serious negative results.

2. Black star two falls into the South. This is very inauspicious, symbolizing illness and financial loss. Try to avoid sleeping or working in this area. Hang six ancient Chinese coins, metal bell and a 'Fu Lou' in the ceiling, and put a tank with two black fish in this sector to remedy this.

3. Number three is flying into the North area. This symbolizes troubles, fighting, robbery, lawsuits and financial loss. Put red decorations in this area, such as a red floor mat or three red objects.

4. Star seven is flying into the centre. Star seven has name of Broken Soldier, it is the faded prosperity in period eight, and it relates to robbery and sex scandals. You can put a red object or red floor mat in centre, avoid any sharp or metal objects in this sector.

5. The annual three killings are in the west sector. The puple star nine is also falling in this area, star nine symbolises future prosperity and happy events. The three killings refer to the troubles with work, relationships, and health. Therefore, you should treat this area with caution.. Avoid facing east, sitting west all the time. To balance the energy in the west sector, you can use yellow, white, blue to decorate this area, crystals and gold, coins are also good in the west.

Lucky areas:

6. White star one is falling into the North East, this star relates to romance, travelling, power, authority and new beginnings, therefore it is a lucky star. This area is good for people who are seeking a partner. If you need this kind of luck,you can put fresh flowers in this section. To balance the energy, you can put a yellow object or six sun flowers in this area.

7. White Star Six is flying into the South East. Star six represents prosperity and wellness, This star was prosperous in period six, but it has faded in period eight. This star also relates to Travel Horse, favourable for travel, movement, migration, and changes. However, the element of star six is metal, the south east is wood, metal cutting wood. If you are working or sleeping in this section, you may have foot or bone injuries. To balance the energy, you will need to put blue or black decorations in this area, you can also put a big leaves indoor plant in the SE.

8. White Star Eight is flying into the North West sector. Star Eight represents current prosperity, and it is the ruling star of period eight. Therefore, the NW area is the luckiest area of 2011, you should keep this area clean and open to enable the energy to circulate. You can put a bright light, keep this area well lit, and decorate this area with white, gold and water feature.

9. The Star Four Green is flying into the South West. Four Green ruling the luck of academic achievement, writing, and literature work. If you wish to improve your ability in this area, then you can study/work in this area, and put four bamboos in a vase in this area to enhance the star. You can also put a red/pink crystal to help improve the luck.

Note: The annual flying star is best to use in conjunction with the period star and the flying star of the premises.

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